“Photoshop” PSD Portfolio Template Top 11 Selection Commercially Usable – Suitable for Print and Digital

Top 11 Commercially Usable Portfolio Templates for Photoshop.

Here is a carefully selected collection of 11 portfolio templates designed for commercial use in Photoshop. These templates are created in the rare and valuable PSD format!

They are versatile for various purposes, including printing and conversion to PDF for digital media. Design professionals can efficiently create an essential portfolio for job hunting and project acquisition.

This content is a must-see for design students and creatives considering a career change!

Printable Portfolio Template

Here are five portfolio templates designed with CMYK colors, intended for print media.
All templates are available for commercial use!

Brochure Portfolio

This is an extremely basic portfolio template. For those who want to create a portfolio using Photoshop, this template is the most stable option. It includes 20 pages in CMYK color format. It’s a versatile PSD template suitable for beginners to intermediate users.


Minimalist Photography Portfolio Layout

This is a recommended portfolio template for those who prefer a minimal design, focusing on showcasing their work. It features a neutral design that can showcase a variety of genres, including photos, illustrations, design work, and three-dimensional pieces. It’s appealing for individuals who want a central focus on their creations.


Magazine Style Brand Portfolio Layout with Paintbrush Accents

This is an appealing portfolio template with a layout reminiscent of a fashion magazine. It includes 16 pages in CMYK color format. By simply replacing images and text, you can create your original portfolio.


Dark Blue Lookbook

This is a stylish portfolio template with a unified aesthetic in dark blue. Keeping the works themselves in monotone enhances the overall stylish atmosphere of the portfolio.


Minimalist Black Portfolio Layout

This is a clean minimal design portfolio template, composed in black and white. As it’s in PSD format, replacing images and text is incredibly simple!


A portfolio template suitable for digital media.

Here are six PSD format portfolio templates specialized for digital media. All are available for commercial use!

These templates are suitable for exporting to formats like PDF or JPG, making them ideal for display on the web and mobile devices. They can be used not only for portfolios but also for presentation templates!

Portfolio with Bold Letters

This is a digital portfolio template perfectly sized for HD monitors. It includes 14 pages in RGB color format and is available in PSD, requiring Photoshop for editing.


Black and White Web Portfolio Layout

This is a portfolio template with a basic design in black and white. Adding a pop of color to certain text or elements could enhance its appeal. It’s a user-friendly template, especially suitable for design beginners.


Portfolio with Green Type Layout

This is a landscape-oriented portfolio template with lovely green text and a natural ambiance in its design. After replacing images and text, exporting to PDF will easily complete a digital book.


Black and White Portfolio Layout

This is a cool and stylishly arranged portfolio template in black and white. With 12 pages of layout patterns included, you won’t run out of options for your pages.


Minimalist Portfolio Presentation Layout

This is a PSD format portfolio template designed with a minimalist approach. It features a versatile HD size in RGB color. Recommended for design beginners.


Presentation Layout with Red, White, and Blue Scribble Elements

A template for creating an HD landscape-oriented portfolio. It can also be utilized as a PowerPoint template.


In conclusion

Above were 11 commercially usable PSD format portfolio templates.

Highly recommended for those who want to create their portfolio exclusively using Photoshop!
Portfolio creation can be time-consuming, so let’s make it easy by leveraging high-quality templates!

See you again!